Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Iron & Glass, Tunbridge Wells and Frozen Vessel

‎"Station Roof" :- This is the southern end section of the roof of Brighton Railway Station. The station itself was designed in 1839–40 and was then considerably extended in June 1846. The three separate roofs were then replaced by an overall roof during 1882/1883. This section of roof is certainly mid to late 1800's. The curved glass and iron roof was renovated in 1999 and 2000. The station is yet another Grade II listed building within Brighton (England) and it's the eighth-busiest station outside of London with an estimated 14.493 million people passing through it a year.

"Out With The Old In With The New" :- Here's a black and white shot taken within Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England. Tunbridge Wells (as it's better known) started off life as a spa back in Georgian times (1714 to 1830) and became a tourist resort under the guidance of Richard (Beau) Nash. The area in this shot is just at the back of "The Pantiles", a well know tourist area full of cafes, restaurants, tea shops, cakes shops and places to buy souvenirs.

"Snow Boat" :- I loathe, despise and hate the cold so I surprised myself yesterday by wrapping up as warm as I could and walking into Brighton (from Ovngdean Village) through the snow and bitter winds. When I eventually got into the city I ventured down onto the beach and found that I was pretty much on my own down there as nobody else appeared stupid enough to brave the elements. This boat was up on the pebbled beach between the Marina and Brighton Pier. It looked lost and very sorry for itself sitting there surrounded by patches of snow. I think the entire image looks very bleak and cold and has a lot of atmosphere to it.

All Photography © Justin Hill