Sunday, 17 March 2013

Kings Road Arches, Seascape and Messengers

"Only Blue Missing" :- The Kings Road Arches were built during Queen Victoria's reign. They support Brighton's promenade on the seafront between Alfresco’s restaurant and the twisted remains of the old West Pier. The historic arches are to be rebuilt, strengthened and refurbished during a 50-week scheme.

"Two Birds" :- You can't plan shots like this, they just happen. I was so busy looking into the back of the camera & concentrating on the scene that completely failed to see the gulls flying by so had no idea I had caught them in the shot until I processed the image. I liked the "banding" of the different surfaces and areas, the birds just give it that extra touch.

"Brass Angels" :- This is a close up of the base of a Victorian Bible stand within Saint Paul’s Parish Church in West Street, Brighton (UK). The lectern was specially made for Saint Paul’s Church by John Harman Powell in 1885. It represents S. John the Divine’s vision of the angels of the Apocalypse.

All Photography © Justin Hill