Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Marina Wall, Wooded Path and City View

"Fishing Only" :- The giant arms of Brighton Marina (UK) are huge fortress like walls designed to keep the rough seas at bay and the boats within their care calm and safe. They are also huge walkways split into two levels, the upper level is for public access (tourists and day trippers) to walk along and the lower level is for fishermen with permits only. This is a view form the Eastern arm (looking towards the east) , you can see the cliffs stretching off into the distance (the dip is Ovingdean Gap) and if you look carefully you can also see "Beacon Mill" which is the windmill that features in many of my images.

"Trail of Shadows" :- This nature trail is still trying to defrost. The mid morning light throws shadow after shadow across the path creating the illusion of railway tracks. Getting the processing right with this image proved harder than I though but I manged to chase the image in my mind and I got there in the end.

"East Brighton Park" :- A view overlooking East Brighton Park and Kemptown (Brighton) as seen from the top of the public bridleway that runs alongside the golf course. This is the route that I walk along when going into town from my village. It's still a good 30 to 40 minute walk into the city center from here.

All Photography © Justin Hill