Monday, 11 March 2013

Metal Mass, Busy Skies and Wet Park

"Underbelly" :- Not the most beautiful image of Brighton Pier I have ever taken but it certainly puts a different perspective on things. This is a non touristic view of one of Brighton's top attractions. The Victorian Pier was first opened to the public in 1899, I am not sure how much of the original infrastructure still exists but from below she's quite something to behold. A mass of steel, iron & supports make sure that the wooden walkways and planking stay where they should be and that holiday makers don't go for an early swim in the chilly English Channel.

"Contrails" :- Early evening looking over some of the nearby countryside as the light slowly dies and fades away. The sunset had already dipped below the horizon causing the light to catch all the tell tale signs of just how busy our skies actually are.

"Rain Stops Play" :- There's a park located in Brighton (England) called "The Level". I remember going there as a child to play on the swings, paddle in the pool and visit the travelling fair when it came to stay for a couple of weeks (twice a year). Things then changed and the park seemed to lose its appeal to many, it started to look run down and forlorn. This image was captured back in October 2012, it had been raining hard and other than myself the park was empty. Since taking this shot the park has been closed to the public but I am pleased to say it's been closed because they are redesigning it and hopefully restoring parts of it back to its former glory. The eyesore that was the concrete skateboarding section has been flattened altogether and from what i have seen of the plans will be rebuilt in a different section of the park. The old paddling pool with it's bridges and pagoda style trellises is undergoing serious restoration too. I'll be interested to see what the end result is like.

All Photography © Justin Hill