Saturday, 16 March 2013

Monument, Trail and Sunlight

"Peace" :- The Peace Statue is a monument to Edward VII and it's situated on the seafront and on the boundary between Brighton and Hove on he south coast of England. A winged female figure stands on a globe, in her left hand is an orb and her right arm is raised holding an olive branch. The figure is Bronze and the stepped base and pedestal is constructed of Stancliffe Stone (Sandstone). The monument was unveiled on October 12th 1912 and is now Grade II listed.

"Slush" :- Somehow or other I managed to stay upright throughout the morning walk that I took a few days ago in Stanmer Park (near Brighton, UK). For some reason I decided to take on one of the nature trails which seemed like a good idea at the time but I was soon made aware that sticking to the main part of the park would have been a far better choice. When the remaining snow and ice wasn't trying to uproot me the mud and slush was having a go and I found myself slipping and sliding for the duration. Anyway, this shot was taken somewhere around 11:30 am looking Eastwards.

"Wahoo" :- A late Saturday afternoon in Brighton (UK) at the end of November 2012. The sun had had it's fun for the day and was going home but not before giving us one last goodbye by throwing it's golden rays up every street that ran from the seafront. Shadows grew long, temperatures started to drop and buildings that normally looked humdrum and drab were suddenly painted in a rich and vibrant natural hue.

All Photography © Justin Hill