Sunday, 31 March 2013

Novelty Templates

When I awoke this morn I discovered an email notifying me that I have sold one of these today. That in turn reminded me that I ought to shout out about them a little as they were designed many years ago and I myself tend to forget about them. So what you see here is my collection of Novelty Template cards. You can stick your own images behind the transparent sections on line (e.g be on TV or the big screen etc) and create a unique and personal card for your friends and family...

1950's Television Greeting Cards
Film Cards
Oops! Greeting Card
Jailhouse Cards
Clouds Card
Foliage Card
Pebbles Card
Porthole Greeting Card
Keyhole Greeting Cards
Barbed Wire Cards
Breakout Card
CD's Greeting Cards
Bark Greeting Card
Heart Greeting Card
Snow Window Greeting Cards
Snow Cave Greeting Cards
Snow Peep Card
Snowman Frame Greeting Card
Stars of Silver Screen Cards
Motherboard Greeting Card
Dark Derek - Mist Template Card
Seascape Greeting Card
Ivy Greeting Cards

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