Monday, 18 March 2013

Old Port, Weathered & Worn and Growth

"Seen Better Days" :- This is a section of the old docks at Newhaven on the south coast of Sussex, England. The River Ouse flows through the ancient town of Lewes and then winds it way into Newhaven before flowing out into the English Channel. The town is a very busy ferry port for services to France and still sees a large amount of freight and passengers.

"Barn Door" :- I loved this old worn and weathered barn door. The wood was rotting away at the bottom and the pant was peeling everywhere you looked. It's situated in Stanmer Village which can be found at the back of Stanmer Park near the city of Brighton, UK.

"Cultivation" :- This is the interior of one of several massive greenhouses located within the Stanmer Nursey which is part of the Brighton & Hove Parks and Gardens Department (UK). Brighton & Hove City Council currently manages some 1100 hectares of parks and green spaces with an impressive 98 parks and gardens in Brighton and Hove, including 6 with Green Flag Awards.

All Photography © Justin Hill