Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Pedal Power, Lopped and Taking a Break

"The Bike Rack" :- Tucked around the side of the main entrance to Hove Train Station (England) there's a myriad of bicycles of different shapes, sizes and colors patiently waiting for their owners to return. I liked the look of it so set up to take the shot and was wondering why someone was watching me (very closely) as I captured the image. The moment I finished he wandered up (still staring at me) and unlocked his bike and rode off into the distance. I don't think he liked to be kept waiting but I appreciate him not wanting to get into my shot!

"Trunk" :- A cold and frosty mid morning walk along one of the nature trails within Stanmer Park (near the city of Brighton, England) offered up this view as I looked North East. The shadow and light play on the large lopped tree fascinated me and it was obvious when processing that a monochrome approach would suit the image best.

"Gulls on a Groyne" :- It wasn't easy creeping up on this feathered lot resting on the groyne (breakwater) without making them all fly off in an instant. I decided not to go for the zoom option (no idea why) and employed stealth in my pursuit of a getting a shot. Once I got into position the rest seemed to fall into place as Gulls are a nonchalant lot, especially when down on the beach. On the far right of the image you can see the end of Brighton Pier.

All Photography © Justin Hill