Monday, 4 March 2013

Smugglers Land, Footbridge and Corrosion

"Shades of Narcissus" :- Shot from the pathway that runs alongside the River Cuckmere at Cuckmere Haven (an area of flood plains in Sussex, England). In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries the beach was commonly used by smugglers as the River Cuckmere meets with the English Channel forming a perfect inlet for them to offload quickly and get inland. Apparently the area has an estimated 350,000 visitors per year.

"Raised Walkway" :- This raised footbridge / walkway connect the multi-storey car-park to the restaurants, bars, shops and berths within Brighton Marina on the south coast of England. It's construction is a mixture of wood, metal and cables which pretty much is a theme throughout the Marina itself.

"Melted Cheese" :- Down on a lower pontoon, surrounded by the sound of lapping water and clanking cables on masts I try desperately to get a decent shot of the corroded metal that lines the concrete walls. The pontoon is floating and bobbing up and down slightly which compounds the difficulty in my trying to obtain three exposures in order to process the image as an HDR. For obvious reasons the title reflects the similarities of rusted and weathered metal to that of cheese once it's been cooked and has bubbled up. The colors and bubbling looked identical to me.

All Photography © Justin Hill