Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Summer Shade, Station and Pier

"Broken Light" :- This image was captured in the churchyard of Stanmer Church situated in Stanmer Park, Brighton, England. I loved how the bright lush greens in the sunlight were contrasted by the deep dark browns in the shade. Right now this entire scene will be deep under snow so it's nice to see t like this with a bit of summer showing.

"Stereo Stops" :- Between the Old Steine and seafront in Brighton (UK) you'll find Pool Valley Bus station. It's a rather bleak and rundown way to enter or exit Brighton but for many this is their first (or last) glimpse of the city. It's now very outdated and in serious need of renovation and / or bringing up to date.

"Eastbourne Pier" :- The town of Eastbourne lies (approx) 17 m / 28 K east of the city of Brighton. It's pier is another grand example of Victorian architecture and is built on stilts that rest in cups on the sea-bed allowing the whole structure to move during rough weather. It was opened by Lord Edward Cavendish on 13 June 1870.

All Photography © Justin Hill