Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sunlit Tree, Simplicity and River Adur

"Never a Dull Moment" :- A simple but very effective image due to the natural sunlight that's illuminating the scene. This tree stands on the bank of the village pond in Falmer, Sussex, England. It was late afternoon / early evening and the sun was beginning to lower behind me in the West causing the tree to light up against the darker greens behind it creating a wonderful and peaceful shot.

"Still Standing" :- Timing was essential to create this image. I was standing smack in the middle of the junction where Eaton Place meets and connects with Marine Parade (the busy seafront road in Brighton, England). I knew that the road behind me was clear of traffic as a delivery van had pulled up and was offloading furniture preventing other traffic to drive at speed and into me. I could see clearly if anything was coming the opposite way. I then had to get the traffic signal sequence right in order to capture the image without any transport (buses, trucks, cars etc) getting in the way. Anyway, this is an image of one of the old Victorian seats and iron lamps that you can find along the promenade. Behind the railings and stretching off into the distance is the English Channel and beyond that somewhere, France.

"Boat Rows" :- Boats wait patiently with anchors dropped on the River Adur at Shoreham, Sussex, England. You can also clearly see the old iron railway bridge (built in 1911) crossing the river. In the far distance you can just see the mighty and impressive Lancing College Chapel, standing (approx) 50 metres in height it's foundation stone was laid in 1868 and it was built in an English gothic style of the 14th century, with 13th century French influences.

All Photography © Justin Hill