Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Three S's, a Shadowy Lane & a Subway

"Umber Sands" :- Sun, sea and sand in a very moody and dusky looking image. This was captured at Ovingdean Gap on the south coast of England a couple of weeks ago just as the sun was lunging towards the horizon. The angle of the light was just right to pick up and reflect off of the grains of sand on the beach.

"Village Lines" :- A small winding road / village lane winds its way down hill towards the ancient and historical part of Ovingdean on the south coast of England. The village has a couple of entries in the Domesday Book (compiled and written in 1086). It mentions the Church (still standing to this day) as well as a few households (5 villagers. 5 smallholders) and much to my surprise there's also mention of "4 Slaves". In "Hogcroft Field" next the to Church archaeologists discovered the remains of a Medieval Manor House along with evidence that they were fresh water Oyster farming around that time.

"Tunnel of Love" :- A night view of the pedestriansubway that runs between the bottom of West Street and the lower promenade and seafront in Brighton, England. It's a grim place to find oneself even in broad daylight but at night it takes on a more malevolent feel as every sound echoes off it paint peeling walls and the lights flicker from time to time. I won't even talk about the smells.

All Photography © Justin Hill