Thursday, 14 March 2013

Uniquely Brighton, 1884 and Supports

"H" :- This is uniquely Brighton, no other seaside town or city in the UK has such a fine display of Victorian design or engineering. Everywhere you look there's some part of the 1800's staring back at you. This fine filigree iron work and terrace stretches along a major part of Madeira Drive near the beach. Huge flights of steps with their highly recognizable turquoise painted railings help visitors and tourists go up and down the cliff face causing shortness of breath and many a calf muscle to ache.

"The Time Machine" :- Here's a different view (looking West) of the recently renovated Victorian Bandstand on seafront of Brighton & Hove. Affectionately known as "The Birdcage" it was designed by Phillip Lockwood (a local Brighton Borough Surveyor) and was finished in 1884. It is thought to be one of the greatest examples of a Victorian bandstand surviving in England. Directly underneath it there is now a café but many years ago the building was once a public toilet which was an injustice to the magnificently ornate structure above.

"Keep Me Posted" :- Standing proud in the salt water of the English Channel the old iron supports of the West Pier are back-lit by shafts of light from a late afternoon sun. They once held aloft tourists and holiday makers who'd proudly stroll along the boards of the pier whilst taking in the sea air. Having lost their purpose they now form and create a surreal seascape.

All Photography © Justin Hill