Sunday, 17 March 2013

Up And Running

For many years my old Korg X3 Synth has been used as a clothes rack, bookcase and thing to pile more things on. Last night I got into a conversation with my G+ hangout friend Kempton Lam about music and I was telling him about the things I used to do, perform and write. Anyway, today it got me thinking so I cleared all the stuff off the keyboard, plugged it in and fired it up. Nothing. I then realised that the old lithium battery inside it was now 20 years old and more than likely dead. Popped up to the shops, grabbed a new battery, unscrewed the 21 screws that held the back of the keyboard on, stuck the new battery in and then put the 21 screw back in again. Plugged it in, fired her up and she sprang into life! Unbelievable. 20 years old and she works as if she's come straight out of the store. Fortunately I still had all the old floppy disks with the sounds on so I was able to restore her settings and also play some of my old tunes and solo compositions "live" from the sequencer. I have now also managed to connect the keyboard to my pc so am hopefully going to compose some new music, record it and turn it into MP3's asap.