Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Thing of Fancy, Boulders and Natures Palette

"Vision in Blue" :- The Royal Pavilion in Brighton (UK), floodlit for the holiday season. This was shot back in November 2012 when an ice rink was set up on the Pavilion lawn. The shot was taken from the middle of Pavilion Parade (I was standing on the concrete island in the middle of the road). Many years ago the Pavilion was floodlit every night, the lights used to change color making the palace look like a thing of fantasy but they stopped doing that for some reason. It was great to see it lit like this again for a few months though.

"Grey Afternoon" :- These huge boulders help to break up the waves as they thunder in and act as part of the sea defense to protect the sea wall , undercliff walk and the cliffs themselves. The cliffs stretch along the south coast (from Brighton to Newhaven and then again from Seaford to Eastbourne) and erosion is a major problem along their length.

"Tipping Point" :- Low tide during sunset on the beach at Rottingdean (UK). I always feel like I'm cheating when I capture images like this as mother nature is doing all the work for me. I like wandering about down by the sea, my mobile is set to silent and the peacefulness of it all seeps in through my pores and fills me with awe. Every sunset and scene is different, the colors changing by the second.

All Photography © Justin Hill