Sunday, 14 April 2013

Be Seated, Brasserie and Chalk Sister

"Pew Light" :- This was captured inside a Church I'd never ever been in before. It's a Baptist Church on Gloucester Place, Brighton (England) and it was built in 1904. There's not that much that I can tell you about it but I do know that it was hit by a bomb during World War II and that the congregation themselves rebuilt the damaged walls. I'd gone in for a few reasons which were : 1 - It was the first time I'd ever seen its doors open 2 - There was a local photography exhibition inside 3 - I had my camera with me and couldn't miss an opportunity! Anyway ... I browsed around the exhibition for half an hour and then asked if it was ok to take a few shots of the interior. I loved the light hitting the curved wooden pews.

"Alfresco" :- The Grand Brasserie is located in Brighton Place within Brighton's very famous "Lanes" (the historic quarter and a labyrinth of winding alleyways). The window decal proudly boasts that they have "More than 50 European Beers". It wasn't so warm on the day that I captured this (around midday on 24 May 2012) so there weren't many people about and business was at a snail's pace. When it's summer and the sun is out roasting 'The Lanes' there's not a free seat to be seen anywhere as all the bars and restaurants are packed.

"Insignificant" :- An odd title for such an impressive chalk cliff face. However, the title does not refer to the cliff at all but is directed at us. Take a close look at the far left hand side of the chalk face (where it stops and hits the beach), you can just make out the small dark figure of an adult man which gives you a sense of scale to it all. This cliff is the start (or end depending on how you look at it) of the famous "Seven Sisters" in Sussex on the south coast of England. More information on the famous cliffs can be found here :- Seven Sisters

All Photography © Justin Hill