Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Being Noticed, Victorian Shadows and Misty Views

"From The Crowd" :- This tree caught my eye as it was standing out high above all the others. This was shot from the top of a hill after I had wandered up a steep incline in Stanmer Park (Brighton, England). A small patch of snow was refusing to go which added further interest to the image as it seemed to be mimicking the clouds in the blue sky.

"Towards the Concorde 2" :- Captured just a few days ago (Saturday) during a bright and sunny morning on Brighton seafront (Madeira Drive). The famous iron Victorian arches that support the terrace above were creating a wonderful architectural shadow along the paving. This shot was looking East towards the Concorde 2 bar & music venue.

"Wide Blue Yonder" :- It's (approximately) a twenty minute walk from my front door to the cliff tops that run along part of the south coast near Brighton, England. If you are ever out trying to find me it's one of the first places you should start looking. It's very scenic and surprisingly peaceful considering the main coast road runs along the cliff top. The day I shot this image there was a slight sea mist which created this wonderful light over the English Channel.

All Photography © Justin Hill