Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Brighton Sunny, Bleak History and Water Buffalo

"Sea Green" :- Some decent weather over the last few days provided me with the chance to capture Brighton bathed in sunlight. This was shot from the Western arm of the marina during an extra low tide which gives the impression that I was skimming over the water like a bird. I was most definitely on solid ground at the time.

"Back of Beyond" :- This was shot on a public right of way on farmland behind the 11 century church of St Wulfran's in the village of Ovingdean on the south coast of England. The village is mentioned in the Domesday book (written in 1086) along with the church. The entire area is steeped in history and the remains of a medieval manor house were discovered in a field not far from where this image was shot.

"Kwai" :- Six water buffalo ("Kwai" in the Thai Language) attempt to keep cool by laying in the water a nearby reservoir up in the mountain region of Omkoi in northern Thailand. These were actually our water buffalo, they are all male apart from the beautiful white one. My wife, brother in law, stepdaughter and in laws could all simply walk up to the buffalo with no trouble at all. If I got any closer than this shot they would have been up and away. For some reason they simply didn't like me, I have no idea why.

Al Photography © Justin Hill