Saturday, 13 April 2013

Car Park, Bench and Sunset

"Electricity" :- A multi-storey car-park lit up at night creates a fascinating pattern and visual treat due to its design. The car park in question is in Providence Place just off London Road in the city of Brighton, England. Even the most mundane objects and buildings can prove to be visually interesting if you simply view them with open eyes and mind.

"Alcove" :- There are several alcoves with benches set within them along the gravel esplanade near Duke's Mound on the seafront at Brighton, England. In Victorian times (when this area was constructed) it must have looked very grand with it's wide gardens and sweeping views of the English Channel. It's sad to say that it all looks very run down and neglected now and the benches and alcoves serve as temporary accommodation for vagrants and the homeless at night.

"Fire & Brimstone" :- An evening view over the downs and farmland of Sussex, England. The sunset turns the sky into an explosion of color as it burns into the horizon. I had driven up to the viewpoint especially to capture this beautiful display by mother nature.

All Photography © Justin Hill