Monday, 22 April 2013

Carriages, Port and Plough

"Trains" :- This was a rather wonderful bit of luck as I was wandering about yesterday (Sunday 21st April 2013). I've crossed the tracks many times at Hove Station (on the South Coast of England) via the pedestrian walkway and every time the view has simply been rails and lines. This time I was delighted to find four trains sitting idle side by side and not a figure n sight to get in the way of my shot! Bliss. So the camera lens was wedged through the metal mesh that's there to stop idiots from throwing things (including themselves) onto the tracks and the shot was in the can! Spot on. Processed this very day and uploaded immediately as it's a shot that I find visually compelling.

"Harbor Life" :- Newhaven harbor on a dreary grey day back in 2012. It looks like a sleepy little place but the harbor is constantly busy and is also one of the major ports for the ferry to France. This part is very run down and in places completely derelict. It's a great place to walk around when you have a camera in hand!

"The Plough on the Pond" :- I love the village pond in Rottingdean (England). I used to visit the village as a child with my mother's Aunt and would often stop here and feed the ducks. Once the evening has settled in it looks so picturesque with the Plough Inn lit up and reflecting in the still water. A perfect English village scene.

All Photography © Justin Hill