Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cast Iron, Cast stone and Casting Glance

"It All Stops Here" :- This image turned out to look more dramatic than I'd anticipated. I was strolling along the boards and planking of Brighton Pier and heading back towards the seafront when I stopped and grabbed this shot of the ornate railings and the shadows they were casting. What I had overlooked was the fact that there was a hazy sea mist rolling in which has added an ethereal look and feel to the image and is a much added bonus. Thought about processing this as a black and white but chose in the end to leave the color in with it's subtle tones.

"Bailing Stone" :- A cargo of salt water and pebbles sits in the base of a small boat on Brighton beach (England). It's an indication of just how far the English Channel can make it up the beach when it's high tide during rough and stormy weather.

"Spotted" :- I thought I'd been clever and sneaky. I had seen the monk walking through the temple grounds on the other side of the wall. So I sped up my pace on the sidewalk outside and got ahead of him. I came to a opening in the wall that had a padlocked iron gate over it but there was enough space to get my camera through and line up he shot waiting for the monk to walk past the opening. The minute he appeared I took my shot. It was only afterwards when I checked to see what I'd got that I realised he'd got wise to my move and looked straight at me as he walked past. So much for my covert moves...I'd been spotted! This image was captured at "Wat Mahawan", a whitewashed temple on Thapae Road in the ancient city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

All Photography © Justin Hill