Saturday, 20 April 2013

Cliff Top Bench, Clouds Over Land and Coastal Sunset

"Corrosion & Erosion" :- High up on a cliff top near Saltdean on the south coast of England. This bench waits patiently for someone to come along and rest their limbs while taking in a view over the English Channel. The salt air has taken its toll on the metal work and the sea is doing its best to slowly erode the coastline away and push us all further inland.

"Keep Breathing" :- A very simple but powerful image of clouds over farmland in the village where I live. It's a very rural area but just the other side of the hills is the vast and sprawling city of Brighton and it's counterpart Hove. Just a 15 minute drive from here puts me in the countryside and we are surrounded by many historical villages.

"Hazy Horizon" :- I was lucky to get this shot. 'd been on the beach earlier and nothing much was happening so had headed into town to shoot a few images there instead. after an hour or so of aimlessly wandering about I decided to call it a day and head off to a pub. For some unknown reason I decided to walk along to the pub via the beach so headed back down to the seafront. This is the view that was waiting to meet me as I arrived. I certainly had not planned it that way. I ran like a winged rodent from hades across the beach to get a better position and this was the resulting capture.

All Photography © Justin Hill