Thursday, 25 April 2013

Cold Sculpture, Changing Times and Iron Support

"In the Name of Art" :- A very moody capture of the recycled cast iron beach sculpture "Passacaglia" by Charles Hadcock on Brighton beach, England. This was shot around 3pm on a sunny and surprisingly warm afternoon. Patches of snow were still hanging on for dear life and the beach was empty of life apart from one lone

"Marine Parade Steps" :- An old Victorian area of Brighton with elements of the 20's and 30's thrown in. The modern monstrosity on the right was built back in the 90's and a 1800's bandstand on the terrace was demolished to make way for it. Makes me shudder to think how the council are happy to give planning permission for things like this and also be quite happy to tear down history at the same time. Back in Victorian times the (then) wider terrace was also home to a skating rink and a café. There's an image of the old bandstand (and these very stairs) here :- Bandstand

"Two Faced" :- A floodlit late evening shot of the cast-iron arches of Madeira Terrace along Madeira Drive on the famous seafront of Brighton, England. They were built and completed in 1890 and are still looking in fine condition and are still doing the job they are designed to do (which is support the upper terrace and look ornate and exquisitely Victorian). They used to sit in the darkness when night fell but they have since been illuminated and look wonderful all lit up.

All Photography © Justin Hill