Monday, 1 April 2013

Dusky Blue, Terminal and Wound

"Squelch" :- Dusk falls at the top of the hill not far from where I live. The constant rain turns every surface into a slippery, muddy assault course. The sky then clears and the clouds roll away to reveal subtle shades and evening hues before the darkness creeps in and the night starts to take a hold.

"Points":- End of the line. These are the small gauge rails that form part of the Victorian Volk's Electric Railway (Opened in 1883 it is the 'world's oldest operating electric railway') that runs for just over a mile along Brighton seafront between Aquarium (for Brighton Pier) and Black Rock (for the Marina). It was "out of season" and closed when I shot this image so I was perfectly safe and in no danger.

"Entangled" :- This caught my eye as I was wondering along the road with camera in hand and eyes peeled for a shot. The entire length of barb wire has this dead twisted plant wound around it. I liked the shapes and also the color contrasts. It's the sort of thing that everyone walks past without noticing it or giving it any thought. Not me though...

All Photography © Justin Hill