Friday, 19 April 2013

Far Encounters, Historic Front and Bygone Days

"Take Me" :- White light and dark brooding skies over the English Channel put on a show for the residents of the city of Brighton (England). I found it hard not to think that the light was from some huge mothership trying to beam us all up! It's a powerful display of nature and I sat there for some time watching the light beams dance and change as the clouds moved on the wind. The sea looks so cold and forbidding.

"The Terrace" :- Madeira Drive in Brighton (England) is famous for all it's Victorian splendor and trimmings. Major construction work was started in 1795 to protect the cliff face and ensure the safety of the buildings along Marine Parade (behind the higher railings on the upper left of this image). Work carried on throughout the 1800's and eventually finished in 1890 with the addition of the cast-iron Madeira Terrace (from where this shot was captured) behind which is East Cliff. In the center of this shot you can see the majestic Madeira Lift (Elevator) which was constructed at the same time as the Terrace. The lift was inaugurated on 24 May 1890.

"Kick" :- This area was once occupied by a large outdoor swimming complex. In the 1800's it was an inn and a few houses overlooking cliffs to the east of Brighton. The cliffs were dangerous and known as a black spot due to various Victorians falling over the edge and to their deaths. In 1936 an outdoor Art Deco Lido was constructed and remained on site until it was closed in 1978 and demolished a year later in 1979. The site now sits empty and derelict with only rumours flying around about it's redevelopment. It's become an area well used by Graffiti artists and on the odd occasion is used for displays and exhibitions etc.

All Photography © Justin Hill