Sunday, 7 April 2013

Headland, 1061 and Historic Cottage

"Happy Families" :- A sunny but cool day on the beach at Eastbourne on the Sussex coast in England. I spotted this couple sitting together on the pebbles watching their child playing by the waters edge. The beautiful headland in the distance is the picturesque and mighty Beachy Head.

"Our Lady of Walsingham" :- According to Wikipedia "Our Lady of Walsingham is a title used for Mary, the mother of Jesus. The title derives from the belief that Mary appeared in a vision to Richeldis de Faverches, a devout English noblewoman, in 1061 in the village of Walsingham in Norfolk, England. Lady Richeldis had a Holy House built in Walsingham which became a shrine and place of pilgrimage." This image was captured last year in Saint Paul's Parish Church, located in West Street, Brighton, England. She was in a darkened corner and lit only by the flickering candlelight which was throwing dancing shadows on the wall behind.

"Lych Gate Cottage" :- This is a Grade II listed building in Hartfield, Sussex, England. It's a small timber-framed cottage and the first floor overhangs the entrance to the church yard of the 13th century church. The cottage is actually dated 1520. Just to put that into some perspective in 1520 - France & England signed the treaty of Scotland, Spanish conquerors under Cortes took gold from the Aztecs, King Charles V & King Henry VIII signed the treaty of Calais, King Henry VIII of England ordered bowling lanes to be built at Whitehall, Catherine of Aragon gave birth to her first child (a stillborn daughter), Henry VIII of England was then just 18 years old and finally Sir Thomas More became undersheriff of the City of London. This is one truly historic cottage!

All Photography © Justin Hill