Thursday, 18 April 2013

Iconic Arches, Modern Milepost and a Bit of History

"Ascend Into Light" :- This is a capture of the old Victorian arches, terrace and steps located along Madeira Drive on the seafront at Brighton, England. They were constructed in 1890 and have become an iconic and famous part of the seaside city. The shot was taken around 10 am on the 6th April 2013 (just a week or so ago).

"Tail" :- Not a tail at all but one of the Millennium Cycle Route mileposts that's located along Brighton seafront (UK). This one can be found near the Volk's Black Rock railway station. The minute I looked at the pictures I'd captured it was obvious to me that this one should be processed as a monochrome image. The stark black silhouette of the milepost was thrown forward beautifully by the white wispy clouds out over the horizon and I also liked the lighting on the old railings.

"Engineers Builders Merchants Iron Founders" :- This fascinating bit of history can be found on the corner of Trafalgar Street and Station Street in Brighton, England. I have made several attempts to find out more about the building but have failed each and every time and the internet appears to be fruitless regarding information too. The streets in this area are all near to Brighton Train Station so many works and foundries were in located within them and one of the streets is actually called Foundry Street after the huge Regent Iron Foundry that was once in North Rd (that foundry provided much of the iron that was used in the construction of both of Brighton's famous piers and was demolished circa 1926). This building appears to be 1920's or 30's due to its windows, ornate ceramic tiles and lettering. I don't think it's any older than that even though it's in an old Victorian part of the city.

All Photography © Justin Hill