Monday, 29 April 2013

Light Refraction, Skeletal Love and Leading Lines

"525" :- Light refraction and reflections on the side of a yacht berthed at Brighton Marina on the south coast of England. The plimsoll line on the boat is wonderfully reflected in the blue / green sea water that finds itself trapped and becalmed within the safety of the marina walls and lock gates.

"The Expanse" :- The skeletal remains of the West Pier (Brighton, UK) are a subject and theme that I return to time and time again. The pier holds some huge childhood memories for me (I actually remember going on it several times before it was closed to the public in 1975) and I have grown to love it in all it's various guises over the years. This image was captured a few days ago on the 25th April 2013 from the deck of Brighton Pier.

"Channeled" :- A shot from within Brighton's enormous marina but no boats or water in sight with this image. Just concrete and metal on view. The recesses in the walls on the right are doorways that lead to and from the free multistory car park. There's also a pedestrian walkway / subway that cuts through the complex giving safer access to the other side with it's cinemas, casino and gym. The rails on the left are to stop cars and pedestrians from dropping a few feet over the edge. It's a very humdrum and bland part of the marina but it's visually interesting if you look at it the correct way. At the very end of this channeled footpath you can just see an obligatory abandoned shopping trolley.

All Photography © Justin Hill