Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Long Lane, Wooden Protection and Victorian Beauty

"Boundary Passage" :- Boundary Passage is exactly what its name implies as it sits on the old parish boundary between Hove and Brighton on the south coast of England. It's a very long and thin passageway that connects Lansdowne Road to Western Road, I am unsure of its age but Brighton and Hove are ancient so I'm guessing that the boundary line and this passageway are also pretty old and predate the 1800's and Victorian times.

"Thank You For Everything " :- This long wooden structure jutting out into the water is to stop boats, swimmers and anything else in the water from cutting across the slipway to the Lifeboat House on Shoreham Beach, Sussex, England. If their state of the art Lifeboat is called out and launched it's going to shoot out and down into the water at some considerable speed so it's vital nothing is in the way.

"White Room" :- Victorian architecture and splendour. This is a section of Brighton's famous pier which was was designed by R. St.George Moore and opened to the public in 1899. Inside this beautiful building is an amusement arcade which send all senses reeling with it's flashing lights and constant noise. Outside it's tranquil and relatively peaceful.

All Photography © Justin Hill