Thursday, 11 April 2013

Low Tide, Slight Flight and a Flume

"See Pier" :- Captured back in August 2012 during an extremely rare very low tide on Brighton beach (UK). The sun was dipping in the West at an alarming rate as I squelched around on the wet sand looking at bits of the Pier that I'd never seen exposed before. I grabbed this shot as I loved the light reflecting on the sand, loved the multitude of silhouettes and loved breaking the rules by shooting into the sun!

"Shallow Steps" :- A flight of very shallow steps / stairs connects Duke's Mound with Marine Drive on Brighton's seafront (UK). I have no idea of the date of these but do know that many other constructions in the area were mid 1800's. These look to be later than that but I may be totally wrong with that guess.

"Exit This Side" :- The Log Flume on the end of Brighton Pier is a bit of a puzzle to me. I don't think I have seen it in operation once in the last 12 months ... maybe even 18 months. It's always lit up at night, full of water and looks ready for to go but it remains closed. Seems odd to me to walk out on a wooden pier above the sea and then go on a ride that's meant to simulate riding on rough water. The human race is a strange one at the best of times.

All Photography © Justin Hill