Friday, 5 April 2013

Moved History, Dark History and Bright History

"The Queen Victoria" :- This is what looks to be a very old public house in the ancient and historical village of Rottingdean on the south coast of England...but looks are deceiving. The original Queen Victoria Public House was nicknamed the "Hole in the Wall" and was situated directly opposite (approx where I took this shot). In the 1930's it was demolished to make space for the construction of a car park. So the inn that you see in this image can't be any older than the 1930's.

"Up the Garden Path" :- A dark and moody image of the Royal Pavilion Gardens in Brighton, England.You can just make out a lit building on the far right through the trees, that's the entrance to Brighton Museum. The gardens have had many looks over the centuries but they were restored back to their original design a few years ago and look much better for it. Right now there's a large section (near the museum) that's been dug up as a team of workmen are in the process of carrying emergency work on the "secret" tunnel that runs from the Pavilion to the Corn Exchange (which was once the Prince Regent's Royal Riding Stables). Mystery surrounds what the Prince actually had the tunnel built for. Some say it was so he could sneak out and carry on his affair with Mrs Maria Fitzherbert while others surmise it was merely a way to get from one place to the other without bumping into his subjects or getting wet.

"Brighton Marine Palace" :- The Brighton Marine Palace is actually an old name for the Palace Pier which has been informally renamed as the Brighton Pier since 2000 by its owners. The most traditional of all the seaside fun fair rides on the Pier is the "Gallopers". It's a wonderfully traditional Carousel, superbly hand painted with 45 individually named horses and also three cockerels. This Carousel dates from the late 1800's.

All Photography © Justin Hill