Sunday, 21 April 2013

Pastel Skies, Sans Water and Light Portal

"Tangerine Dream" :- There's not a lo I can say about this image, I'd rather like to let it speak for itself. Captured on the hill near my house looking West (obviously). Mother nature paints the sky with pastel hues and gentle colors. The clouds weren't that brooding at all, it was the dying sunlit that backlit them and gave them this appearance.

"Waiting for the Tide" :- Low tide at Cuckmere Haven is Sussex on the south coast of England. The entire area is a magnet for walkers, beachcombers and holiday makers as it's one of the most picturesque places along the coastline. The house on the upper left of the shot is one of the famous coastguard houses that you often see photographed from the other side with the white cliffs in the background.

"Floodlit Door" :- This door can be found under the bridge by Brighton Train Station in Trafalgar Street (England). I just happened to be passing as the spotlight was turned on and grabbed the opportunity for a quick shot (would have been rude not to). I have no idea where it leads to or what lays on the other side but it looked intriguing enough to merit a capture.

All Photography © Justin Hill