Friday, 12 April 2013

Poppy Field, Pier Inn and Peer Out

"Common Ground" :- I'd caught sight of the poppy field as I was driving home one evening and made a mental note to go back when the weather was brighter and get a few shots of it. This was captured late July 2012 during a rare but very welcome heat wave that hit the south coast of England. I'd parked the car in a nearby village and had trekked for 20 or 30 minutes to the field in question. It was well worth it.

"Bar on the Pier" :- If it wasn't for the ill placed satellite dish (just above the sign) this looks as if it could have been photographed anytime within the last 100 years or so. Having said that the metal tread plate covering the planks of the pier gives it away as being relatively modern too. Anyway...this is Victoria's Bar situated halfway along Brighton's famous pier on the south coast of England. During the colder and wetter months it sits devoid of customers with only the odd few brave enough to grab a pint and sit outside (no choice if you are a smoker). However when the decent and hotter weather does arrive the place is packed and buzzing with chatter, laughter and holiday banter. For some reason the image makes me think of Graham Greene's "Brighton Rock" (published in 1938).

"Grave View" :- Here's a view taken within the graveyard of Beddingham Church looking South East towards the rolling hills of Sussex. The grass around the gravestones has been left to grow wild and there was evidence that sheep sometimes graze there. Beddingham and the surrounding area was settled in pre-Roman times with many tumuli in the surrounding hills originating in the Iron Age. There was once a Roman villa nearby which was constructed in the late first century AD, and the villa was occupied until the mid fourth-century. The Church of St Andrew in Beddingham is a Grade I listed building.

All Photography © Justin Hill