Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sky Road, High & Over and Dark Passage

"High Way":- In order to get in and out of Brighton Marina you have to drive on these "skyroads" that they built in the late 70's / early 80's. They are immense structures that seem to defy gravity. It's not until you are under them looking up that you realise just what a marvel of engineering they are.

"Teasels" :- This was captured at a beauty spot known as "High and Over" between the village of Alfriston and the town of Seaford in Sussex, England. The spot offers some staggering views of the local scenery including (if you look south) a panoramic view of the Cuckmere Estuary.

"Esplanade Tunnel" :- Way back in the early 1800's two esplanades were built below the cliff top connected to Lewes Crescent gardens by a tunnel beneath the main seafront road in Brighton (England). The entrance to the tunnel is bordered by two small cottages. One was originally for the head gardener and the other for the constable of the estate.

All Photography © Justin Hill