Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Stanmer Tree, Liquidation and Warm City

"Resplendent" :- This is one of the mighty trees within Stanmer Park on the edge of the city of Brighton, England. It's a very old park with an ancient village, church and 17th Century Manor House situated in its grounds. This tree can be found around the back of the manor house. The park has many nature trails winding through it and (when the weather permits) is always a hive of activity.

"Trade Counter" :- A sign of the times. Shut down buildings like this are becoming commonplace throughout the UK now and I'm sure the UK's not the only one too. This building can be found on the corner of Goldstone Lane and Newtown Road in Hove, near the Goldstone Retail Park that was once Brighton and Hove Albion's "Goldstone" ground.

"The Snapshot" :- A Sunny late June in 2012 provided this warming image of Brighton on the south coast of England. The stores, stalls, boutiques, cafes, ice cream parlors and amusements were busy as tourists, day trippers and locals hit the beach to take in some of the rays. The title of the image refers to the figure on the beach in the foreground who's taking a photo of the person laying down. Sunny snaps!

All Photography © Justin Hill