Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Warm Light, Cool Bird and Insulated Rooms

"The Great Hall Arcade" :- I don't know much about the building that the Great Hall Shopping Arcade is situated in other than it was built in 1911. I have tried (and failed) on numerous occasions to find out information about it but the numerous internet searches have yielded nothing. Anyway it can be found in Royal Tunbridge Wells in the south of England and from the outside it's a grand looking structure.

"Gull on Ice" :- A waterlogged section of farmland freezes over making an ideal if somewhat slippery landing pad for the local gulls. I'd stood watching them sliding about for a few minutes before deciding to grab a shot. I like the harsh stark light in this image.

"Harbor Apartments" :- This is a shot of an apartment block overlooking Newhaven Harbour on the south coast of England. It was designed with a distinctive nautical look and feel to it and the construction is mainly stick and track metal panels with an insulated render (needed for those winds that come off the English Channel).

All Photography © Justin Hill