Saturday, 27 April 2013

Wet Geology, Panoramic View and Moody Boozer

"Sea & Rocks" :- An afterthought shot that turned into a better image than I had expected. A tumultuous English Channel thunders down onto rocks at Ovingdean Gap, England. I love the subtle grey / blue hues of this image and the fact that no other color is anywhere to be seen. I was originally going to process the image as a black and white but decided in the end to let the natural look of it speak for itself.

"Seaside City" :- The seafront of the city of Brighton as seen from the end of its famous Victorian Pier. A shot that would not have been possible a few months ago as there was a large children's fairground ride / attraction sitting in the space y9ou see here and blocking part of the view. What was really handy for me was that the area was taped off to stop the public from wandering in so I was able to set up the tripod and get a wonderfully clear shot of the benches, railings, sea and city without fear of some indifferent or highly unaware tourist getting in my shot. The shadow in the bottom left is cast from the large Victorian Carousel.

"Pitcher & Piano" :- The Pitcher & Piano is situated in King's Road near the seafront in Brighton, England. I managed to capture this late afternoon shot just as the sun was thinking about setting so it was casting great light and throwing some wonderful shadows on the historic architecture. Once again I got lucky due to the lack of (illegally) parked cars, through traffic and pedestrians / tourists.

All Photography © Justin Hill