Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Windswept, Gang of Gulls and Royal Stonework

"All Weathers" :- This was captured up on top of the hill and around the back of the old 11th Century St Wulfran's Church in Ovingdean, England. It was incredibly bleak, windy and extremely cold. The trees and surrounding area tell their own story as everything looks windswept and weathered due to the lack of shelter from the elements.

"Congregation" :- The title refers to the group of gulls all standing together on the end of the breakwater by the waters edge. I liked the hard lines and angle of the 'wedge' against the soft sky, sea and straight horizon. I always forget just how big the gulls are in and around Brighton. They are huge and very used to crowds and people. They are brave enough to swoop down at times in an attempt to grab food from the hands of holidaymakers and day trippers on the south coast.

"Pavilion Pillars" :- A close up and more detailed section of Brighton's famous Royal Pavilion (former home and palace of home to the Prince Regent who went on to become King George IV) on the south coast of England. The "Pavilion" was built in three stages starting in 1787. It was the designer John Nash who redesigned and extended the Pavilion between 1815 and 1822 and it's his work that you sill see standing resplendent before you today.

All Photography © Justin Hill