Wednesday, 22 May 2013

15th Century Window, Chosen Path and Looking Slick

"15th Century Window" :- This window can be found in the Southern wall of the Church of St Peterin Southease, Sussex, England. It's dated as being from the 15th Century which sounds very old until you realise that it's relatively new compared to the Church itself which is documented as already being in existence in 966 AD (nobody knows when it was actually built). I was originally going to process the image as black and white but then decided to keep what little colour there was as it seemed the make the image more moody.

"Chosen Path" :- A public bridleway runs alongside farmland near the village of Telscombe in Sussex, England. It's a very peaceful place to wander around as there are no main roads nearby at all and it's a reasonably remote area. Considering I have lived nearby for so long this was the first time I had ever set foot in Telscombe village as it's not the easiest place to get to. I had parked my car just off the main coast road and had walked a good 45 minutes in order to get there, grabbed a few images and then set off on the walk back.

"Looking Slick" :- An unusual shot of Brighton Marina bathed in sunlight as it's normally under a grey blanket of cloud. Because of the weather conditions on this particular day the water was a vivid azure blue and very still. Multi colored traces of oil were making patterns on the surface of the water in the foreground. It was a very serene scene.

All Photography © Justin Hill