Saturday, 11 May 2013

A Place to Rest, Light Pools and Glowing Streets

"Picnic Table" :- Captured up on the Beacon Hill Nature Reserve near the village of Rottingdean on the south coast of England. The windmill (Beacon Mill) was built in 1802 and has become a landmark in its own right over the last century.

"Shining Example" :- This is a shot of the beach at Telscombe (a few miles East of Brighton), Southern England. The tide had retreated out as far as it was going to and was on the turn. The sun was still relatively high in the late afternoon sky which was causing all the reflected light to turn the surrounding rocks into shadows and darkness.

"City Sunlight" :- This old lane connects the Old Steine with East Street in the city of Brighton. I had tried several times to find a name for the lane but it does not appear to have one at all. The sun was setting on this late August day and the last warm light was flooding down various streets and bouncing off the walls creating interesting shades and shadows.

All Photography © Justin Hill