Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Blustery Eastbourne, Bleak Farm and Victorian Way

"Food Available" :- Captured a year ago on a cold and wet afternoon in the town of Eastbourne during the month of May (2012). I decided to head down to the blustery and windswept beach and found myself taking a brisk stroll on their old pier. This was shot at the far end near the old theatre, the bench seating is devoid of life while a dark and menacing sea can be seen through the windows and glass petitioning.

"Trees & Barn" :- A harsh looking rural scene shot near the farm in the village of Ovingdean, England. It was actually a pleasantly warm and sunny day but the hard ground and lack of greenery on the trees lent themselves towards me going in hard with the processing and choosing to go with the monochrome option.

"Red Line" :- This is the underside of the small bridge (or tunnel if you happen to be walking through it) that connects Brighton Station to Queen's Road (England). It was constructed in the (mid to late) 1800's and the original iron work can be clearly seen and has been made a feature as it supports the road above while resembling a giant's rib cage. The red line on the right hand side is actually a doorway set into a recess. The woman walking down bathed in white light was an added bonus.

All Photography © Justin Hill