Thursday, 2 May 2013

Cold Beach, Long Haul and a Concert Hall

"Look What I Found" :- A late afternoon shot of the West Pier from a cold and somewhat chilly Brighton beach in February 2013. The title refers to the woman backpacker standing on the breakwater on the far right of the image. I'd waited for what felt like an eternity for her to move out of the way of the shot but she was forever bending down and picking up stones and pebbles from the beach. In the end I admitted defeat and took captured the image anyway with her in it. I'm now pleased I did as she does add something to the image in her own way.

"Keep Fit" :- This is one of the longest flights of Victorian steps you can find on Brighton seafront (England). It's located at the far Eastern end of the famous long Victorian terrace and iron arches on Madeira Drive. It doesn't look too bad from this angle but you can certainly feel the calf muscles burning a bit by the time you get to the top on Marine Parade.

"Brighton Dome" :- I had to wait a while to capture this image of Brighton's Dome Concert Hall. Just as I'd set up in the empty gardens half of Brighton decided to walk their dogs or let their children play on the lawns! Anyway, patience and perseverance prevailed and I got the image I wanted in the end. The Dome (Completed in 1805) was originally the royal stables for the Prince Regent (later to become King George IV) but now the complex houses a beautiful concert hall and also the Brighton Museum. The Dome is one of the only buildings to have both internal and external listings both for the Indian style exterior and the 1930s art deco interior.

All Photography © Justin Hill