Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Dressed Clock, Minimal Marina and Winter Churchyard

"3pm Shirts" :- This is the famous Victorian Clock Tower and landmark situated in the center of Brighton on the south coast of England. It was built in 1888 in commemoration of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee and is listed as a Grade II building for its architectural and historical importance. You cannot see much of it in this shot as it's been covered in shirts as part of the Brighton Festival (4 — 26 May 2013). An award winning artist named Kaarina (from Finland) urged local residents to donate their shirts to become part of the project after she ran out of clothes for the giant outdoor "artwork" installation. The artist is (apparently) the toast of the European art scene having received rave reviews for her open space commissions. Needless to say it has been met with mixed reviews here in the city with many local residents saying it's an outrage to do such a thing to a well loved structure and at such a cost too! I was crafty getting my shot of the tower and it's shirt covering. All photographs I have seen have been from street level but I went to the top floor of a local bookshop that overlooks the clock tower and captured it through their window!

"Level Water" :- Wet feet once again as I captured this shot of Brighton Marina (UK) and a distant Yacht out on the horizon. I find that the image has quite a surreal and ethereal quality about it as well as being slightly futuristic and alien.

"Yew Cold" :- The Churchyard of St Wulfran's in the village of Ovingdean (UK) during snowfall back in January 2013. Both the village and church are mentioned in the Domesday Book (compiled and written in 1086). It was bleak, blustery and bitterly cold. All sounds were muffled and I appeared to be the only fool out and about in such atrocious weather.

All Photography © Justin Hill