Friday, 31 May 2013

Gunns Florist, Bar Stools and Dark Days Indeed

"Gunns Florist" :- A bright and sunny view of Gunns Florist store situated on Sydney Street in the city of Brighton, England. It's always got a cheerful and colorful frontage with flowers stacked up and displayed outside on the pavement / sidewalk. Once again I was timing things as best I could to avoid anyone getting in the shot. If anyone knows Sydney Street well enough then they'll know how well I did to not get any people in this shot...especially in the bright and hot sunlight, it's an area of Brighton that's always full of people.

"Bar Stools" :- A shot of the moody bar inside the "Six Bells" pub in the village of Chiddingly in Sussex. The village itself is mentioned and listed in the Domesday Book (written in 1086) and the pub gets its name from the six bells that are within the bell tower of the church that's just a couple of minutes walk away. I don't know much of the pubs history itself but I do know that it was already a bar as an "Innkeeper" is listed in records as running the place in 1851. Many moons ago on the 8th August 1987 the band I was in "Gamut" played a gig here in the barn / bar that's attached to the pub. Live music is still played there each and every weekend and the bar itself has a wide selection of drinks available as well as (imho) the best pub food you'll ever find. It's renowned as a 'bikers' pub (especially at weekends) as the drive to get out there on the village roads is a great run but not too far away from the towns of Brighton, Lewes and Hailsham etc.

"Dark Days Indeed" :- Captured from the cliff top at Ovingdean Gap (East of Brighton) on the south coast of England. It was blustery, cold and a severe dampness seemed to be creeping through everything. The Gulls were out in force and making the most of the thermals that the incoming storm was producing as the wind came of the sea slamming into the chalk face that violently rose up. Needless to say nobody was out and about at all, no joggers, dog walkers or beachcombers ... just a lone figure at a 45ยบ angle battling with the wind on the top of the cliffs trying to get his shot!

All Photography © Justin Hill