Tuesday, 21 May 2013

In the Limelight, Old Swing Bridge and More Than a Lifetime

"In the Limelight" :- Yet another case of being in the right place at the right time. I had parked the car at Brighton Marina (UK) and decided to walk the mile or so to the pier and grab a few shots along the way. Not long after I'd not set off ambling along the beach some light managed to break through the clouds and hit the water right at the end of the pier. Without even thinking about the camera was thrown into action before the scene had chance to change.

"Old Swing Bridge" :- Captured while standing on the old swing bridge (looking East) at Southease in Sussex, England. The bridge is from the late 1800's but has not been swung open since 1967. Way before bridges crossed the river Ouse a small Ferry was the usual way of getting to the other side.

"More Than a Lifetime" :- This is one seriously old graveyard. No one knows when the church was built but there are records that clearly state that the church and the grounds it stands on were already in existence in 966 AD which is a full 100 years before the Norman Conquest and the famous "Battle of Hastings" in 1066.

All Photography © Justin Hill