Sunday, 19 May 2013

Old Green Door, Another Planet and Life in the Mountains

"Old Green Door" :- A part of brighton that many don't get to see as they simply walk past without noticing it. This old Victorian building and door are at the end of Trafalgar Court which is a small cul-de-sac just off the bottom of Trafalgar Street in Brighton, England. I don't know for what purpose the building was originally used for or of its history but the colors of the door and brickwork and the angles make for a great and interesting image!

"Another Planet" :- Low tide on the beach at Telscombe, Sussex, England. A strange alien looking landscape that's been built up over thousands upon thousands of years to be then slowly eroded away and knocked back. It's a shame that time travel is not possible as I would love to go back and set up a camera with timed exposures for one a year and then return to present time and pick it up now. Running the images together to form a visual flick book of how the cliff faces grew and fell over centuries would be an incredible thing to see and observe.

"Life in the Mountains" :- Captured high up in the Northern mountains of Thailand in a region known as Omkoi. The air is fresh and apart from the odd truck or motorbike all you can hear is the wind and a distant dog bark or crow from a cockerel. This was my home for a long time and I grew to love and adore it. I would often take the motorbike out on a run and simply 'follow my nose' as I wound up, down and around the mountain roads with my camera as the sun beat down on my back. I miss it dreadfully.

All Photography © Justin Hill