Monday, 13 May 2013

Pedestrian Subway, Minimalism and Victorian Views

"Blinded by the Light" :- Even in broad daylight a sense of foreboding and unease is felt once you are within the walls of this subway in Brighton (England). There's nothing aesthetically pleasing about the construction or design and the sounds that echo around mix with odorous and pungent smells creating a heady mix of dread and fear. Having said that it's a great place to be if you have a camera with you as it's full of angles, textures, shadows and light. I was still pleased to get out alive though!

"Dewpond" :- This is an old dew pond high up on Telscombe Tye (an area of open land with the status of common, extending from Telscombe village to the coast), Sussex, England. It was early evening and I was walking back to where I had parked the car ( a good 30 minute walk) when I spotted the pond and the reflections it was creating. In my mind I could see it as a monochrome image so set about trying to capture what I had envisaged.

"A Stand for a Band" :- A shot of the English Channel as seen from the old Victorian Bandstand on Brighton seafront, England. Recently restored the "Birdcage" (as it affectionately known) is regarded as one of the finest examples of a Victorian bandstand still surviving in England. She was constructed in 1884 and has been battered by the coastal weather conditions ever since. She probably has quite a few stories to tell.

All Photography © Justin Hill