Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Pier to Pier, Spindly Legs and Into the Sun

"Window on the World" :- This is the side view of a gift shop on Brighton Pier. The windows have been blacked out to prevent glare from the sun (once in a blue moon) and to also make people want to go in rather than see what's inside the store from the outside. You can clearly see the remains of the West Pier standing out to sea as well as the single chimney (there used to be two) of Shoreham Power Station in the misty distance. Beyond that the coastline swings off to the left and towards the town of Worthing.

"Still Standing" :- Brighton Pier but a non touristic view of it. The tide was much lower than normal exposing the spindly legs that supports this gargantuan Victorian structure. To get a sense of scale you can see a woman standing on the pier (in the upper left hand corner) taking a photograph.

"Hove Promenade" :- I love breaking rules of art and photography. Shooting into the sun is something I do often and one of the rules I was told "one should adhere to and never break". Well I have broken it on numerous occasions and will continue to do so. This moody image was captured as I was walking along the wide seafront promenade by Hove lawns on the south coast of England. Roller skaters were out zipping about, couples were arm in arm for a stroll whilst looking out to sea and many dogs were being treated to a bit of exercise by their owners. On the far right you can see the grand regency and georgian architecture that faces the English Channel.

All Photography © Justin Hill