Sunday, 12 May 2013

Rising Chalk, Seaside Snacks and Historic Background

"Beginnings of a Sister" :- The title I have given this image seems very odd at first until you understand what it is and where it is that you are looking at. This was captured at Cuckmere Haven where the Cuckmere Estuary meets the English Channel in Sussex, England. As you can clearly see (on the left hand side) the chalk suddenly rises up out of the ground from nowhere forming a very large and long set of cliffs. The cliffs are famous and are known as the "Seven Sisters" so what we have here is the "Beginnings of a Sister".

"The Great British Take Away" :- Souvenir shops, bars and cafes are found in abundance along the seafront in Brighton (England). They line the city coast providing trinkets, sticks of rock, alcohol and of course the traditional English seaside meal of fish and chips. This was captured a week or so ago on 3rd May (2013) along Madeira Drive. The sun was warming things up nicely and providing some strong shadow play on the paving.

"Children's Flower Stall" :- There's something a little eerie about this image and I can't seem to put my finger on it. Makes me think a little of the tale of the "Pied Piper". Anyway, this is a capture of St Peter's Church in the village of Southease. It's unknown when the church was founded and built but it is known that it was already in existence in 966 AD due to a royal charter by King Edgar the Peaceable which states that the church and some land had been granted to the Benedictine monks. The charter is now in the British Museum but a copy resides within the church itself. You can view an online version of the charter here :- Charter . On this particular day there had been some village stalls set up on the village green and a couple of children had picked some wild flowers and were being most industrious by trying to sell them. One of them asked me "Would you like to buy something?" as I wandered past so I stopped and had a little chat with them and ended up parting some cash in exchange for some flowers which I delivered later to my mother. I captured this shot on the way back to the car after all the stalls had been packed away. Only the little wild flower stall remained with the church providing an ancient and beautiful backdrop. The children were nowhere to be seen...

All Photography © Justin Hill