Friday, 17 May 2013

Spritz, King & Queen and Land Stops Here

"Spritz" :- A vivid flower bed of Tulips brighten up the Old Steine in Brighton (UK) The Spritz tent that's behind them is part of the Brighton Festival (4 — 26 May 2013) and is one of a set of three (the Spielgeltent, the Aperol Spritz Social and the Spiegel Garden Bar) collectively known as the Spiegel Garden situated on the Old Steine.

"The King & Queen" :- This is a shot of The King & Queen pub on Marlborough Place in Brighton, England. The building looks ancient but it was in fact built in the 1930's. However, a pub called the King & Queen has stood on the site since 1779. This 18th-century pub was, in turn, converted from a former farmhouse and is now a Grade II listed building for its architectural and historical importance.

"The Land Stops Here" :- A dramatic scene from the cliff top at Ovingdean Gap on the south coast of England. Heavy storm clouds threaten the calm of the evening and turn the surface of the English Channel into a mercurial seascape.

All Photography © Justin Hill